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Featured Artist vol. 2 Isaiah Jordan

Upstate Aesthetic’s featured artist for the second half of March is Syracuse native Isaiah Jordan. Jordan has been creating music since he was a child. Growing up in both positive and negative situations Jordan has seen his fair share of the good and bad that Syracuse has to offer. “I grew up on the west side of Syracuse, NY. Life brought me a lot of different situations, my family’s been broke and in the hood, at a time i lived middle class and life was great, I’ve seen shootouts, witnessed abuse in relationships, plenty of fights myself. Life has been an experience to say the least.” It was the influence of major hip hop artist Lil Wayne in 2007 that inspired the then eleven-year-old Isaiah Jordan to pick up the pen and begin making music. “I just became so passionate hearing Wayne’s takeover in 07 that I immediately started writing when I was about 11, picked up a guitar around 14 and and recording myself at 15” However it wasn’t just the influence of the famous ‘Lollipop’ rapper that inspired Isaiah Jordan. Influences from both his mother and his grandfather pushed him to truly embrace this as his future. “ slowly I learned my mother was once a rapper so it definitely inspired me as well as my grandfathers last words being “you’re gonna be a rockstar” before passing a week later and being hospital and unable to speak leading to his death. It’s more personal than people realize for me.” Despite looking up to artists like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Drake, Biggie Smalls and many others Jordan continues to try and set himself apart from his favorite musicians.

“Honestly I can’t explain why my idols simply motivate me but don’t inspire me in any way from a musical standpoint I’ll always make things I think are ‘my sound’”

Although the inspiration was there and the talent wasn’t lacking, Jordan still had a little trouble initially developing a fan base due to being a bit introverted in school. After his peers could come to terms with the idea that the ‘quiet kid’ was good at making music things began to turn around for him.

“I’ve always been introverted so I wasn’t extremely close with any of my peers which helped for me originally because people couldn’t really process that I actually made music. It’s like when the quiet kid in class has to present something, you aren’t sure what to expect and realize “oh shit... he’s good” from there it was just a matter of capturing an audience”

Jordan only has a handful of tracks available on streaming services currently but he’s made note on social media that the true day ones know there are early projects available elsewhere. He notes that there’s a lot his newer fans don’t know about him. “There’s a lot my core fans don’t know like I’m still an active battled rapper with a “record” of 15-4. Overtime all the groundwork I’ve laid out will surface and I’m not sure that my new listeners would care for the older project it was more so for my peers at the time after graduating high school.” Despite appreciating the groundwork these projects laid for him Jordan notes that he would definitely change how he did things early on. He knows he can use this knowledge to benefit him in the future. “Man the first project was a Datpiff release. So I’d do everything different. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge since going on hiatus and I can’t wait to use it when the time is right.” For any Isaiah Jordan fans looking for his early work under the alias ‘Isaiah Moon’ he gave some pretty blatant hints on how to find the projects. “As far as hints the titles are “Waiting On Forever (2014)” and “Self Illustrated (2015)””

Jordan is currently on a hiatus while pushing his single ‘Blossom Hill’ a song Jordan intends on using on his first official album despite it’s age. Something those close to Jordan have said is not a great idea but Jordan feels differently.

“Blossom Hill will be on the album I plan to release after hiatus. Friends have said it’s “too late” but classics don’t die. In the most humble way possible I have to say that none of my peers have a song that’s gone 3 years and remained relevant especially in a singles market where people want to make quick hits, I aim to stand the test of time.” While the hiatus is currently on it appears Jordan is never not working with something related to music. He has teased the follow up single for his album over the past few months yet while it remains unperfected Jordan continues his hiatus and his focus on other ventures as well.

“‘Valley Drive’ is an unperfected single I’ve been teasing that’s going to make an impact on radio and uses the same formula as Blossom Hill only more on the “pop” side. I’m also an underrated A&R so expect some amazing new talent to make their mark on a project I promise to be special for Upstate NY as a whole. 20+ recordings but only 3 definite songs so far.”

Check out Blossom Hill by Isaiah Jordan below and always keep your eyes out for the artists next big move. Currently Jordan is on hiatus while he is planning for and awaiting the birth of his first born child. Some Jordan is clearly excited about and gives him even more drive to continue towards his goals going forward.

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