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Featured Artist vol. 1: Lewcid

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Lewcid is prepared to make his name as a producer with his "March Madness" series

Upstate Aesthetic is dedicated to promoting artists in the Upstate NY area! Every few weeks a portion of the website will be dedicated to promoting an artist that has a project or song coming up. The first artist to get the spotlight will be Ithaca's own Lewcid. Lewcid has been creating music since 2011 and in 2018 started to gain some traction following the release of his project "Benefit off the Doubt" . Now going into 2019 Lewcid is starting to tease a project or series of songs related to the moniker "March Madness". Before Lewcid starts dropping tracks for "March Madness" we caught up with the artist for an interview on his plans for his "March Madness" project.


Upstate Aesthetic: Recently you have started teasing on social media a project titled "March Madness" now that March is officially here could you expand on what the project will be?

Lewcid: “March Madness” is a series starting March 1st that will highlight a collection of new instrumentals that I’ve produced since releasing my album last Fall. I’m mostly known as an emcee/songwriter, but this is an exciting way to brand myself as a producer as well!

UA: What gave you the inspiration to title this project "March Madness"?

Lewcid: I named the series “March Madness” because people are familiar with the NCAA Basketball Tournament. It’s always felt exciting because everyone is following their brackets, and it’s unpredictable with the underdogs upsetting teams with a bigger name. That’s how I’m approaching the releases. Every day will be unpredictable because it’ll be a completely different energy and musical direction than the day before and after. As I mentioned, people who know I’m a musician might not be aware that I also produce. I feel like the competitive underdog who’s hungry and ready for the opportunity to show what I’m capable of.

UA: Will there be anyone working with you on "March Madness"? any producers, artists?

Lewcid: All the music I’m releasing will be available for licensing. I’ve been communicating with a handful of artists/companies about collaborations, and look forward to seeing where some of the music lands. I have my eye on a few that could end up on the next Lewcid album!

UA: Do you have any standout tracks from this project that you are especially excited about?

Lewcid: I think every instrumental is dope in its own way and fits a different type of emotion. Music should give you a certain feeling, and that was the approach in the creation of these tracks. If I had to pick a few favorites in no particular order, I would say Another Round, Vacation, Mixed Feelings, and Fear.

UA: Are there any plans to release this project onto streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify?

Lewcid: All of these beats will be available to stream on SoundCloud and YouTube, and I’m thinking about putting some of the most popular up on streaming services.

UA: Lewcid thank you for taking the time for this interview is there anything else you would like to add before everyone checks out your new instrumental?

Lewcid: I plan to build new relationships with musicians, filmmakers, sync houses, vloggers etc. If you’re interested in any of the music, contact!

Check out the latest tracks off the "March Madness" series below.

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