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'Fave Five' - Our Five Favorite Upstate Releases for the Month of June

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

The month of June was jam packed with new music from artists all across Upstate New York. Artists like Scorey, Toosii, most of Griselda and their affiliated artists were busy dropping music this month. Many locally known artists such as Anthony Kannon, Therealjon and Saint Kid were consistently dropping music as well. We saw high quality full length projects from artists like Sheridan, Ryan Bronson, Nazzy and Cherp drop in June.

With June being so busy it felt like the perfect month to begin a new monthly series on Upstate Aesthetic. We will be covering out 'fave five' tracks from each month. These tracks will simply be our personal picks that we've played the most this month from Upstate artists because we truly enjoyed them. Each month dozens and sometimes hundreds of tracks are released by Upstate artists, I do my best to listen to as many as possible.

While I often try to review with an unbiased opinion the nature of this monthly column will be entirely biased. It is not meant to offend any artists who are not featured on this list but that could happen. I recognize the time and effort from every artist who drops new music and that does not go unnoticed. Not being featured simply means I have five other tracks I bump more consistently than something you dropped for that month. Sometimes on a busy month we miss a few drops so again it's nothing personal. If you get mad and your music sucks I will roast you.

With all that said let's jump right into it with the first of our fave five.


Number Five

Brother Tom Sos ft. HigherScty - 'Hone$ty' from his 'Insallah II' EP What i've heard from Brother Tom Sos so far indicates he is highly skilled lyrically and generally floats in that realm. While he excels within that sound it's typically a sound I respect but don't go back to as much. That is where this song really stands out to me. It does have much more of a lyrical element to it. However Sos' flow alongside the production on this track make it a standout for me that I've constantly gone back to. I'm not overly familiar with Sos' releases but everything I've checked out is well done, high quality and really good. This track is probably my favorite I've heard from Sos thus far but I will absolutely be checking for more in the future. Keep an eye out for Brother Tom Sos in the coming weeks as he has a concert in the works among other projects he is consistently involved with.

Number Four Deuce Ellis ft. Homeboy Sandman - 'Outlaw Magicians' from his latest release Acid.

Ellis is another artist who specializes with his lyrical creativity but 'Outlaw Magicians' is too much fun to deny it's placement on this list. It has a bit of an old school vibe with production similar to what you might hear when playing an old Tony Hawk game. It's also reminiscent of something you might've heard from an early Kid Cudi. Deuce Ellis just released his latest full length project Acid with a unique run of vinyl's and merchandise accompanying the project. Acid features a number of dope notable features including Homeboy Sandman, Napoleon Da Legend, and upstate's own Che Noir. You can stream Acid on all DSPs today and cop a physical vinyl via Tuff Kong Records.

Number Three

Sheridan - 'Like You Did' off his latest project On myself.

If we compile a list of our top 20 most played tracks this year I will not be surprised if this one makes the top ten. Sheridan's latest project On Myself is a great example of his versatility and talent as an artist. 'Like You Did' has an edge to it with clear punk rock influences. On Sheridan's previous project he had a track titled 'Go' that immediately stood out to me as one I'd play often and 'Like You Did' is no different. Not only is it unique to what we may normally hear in Upstate it is executed flawlessly. You can stream 'Like You Did' and all of Sheridan's latest project On Myself on all DSPs today.

Number Two

Scorey - 'Love Letter'

Scorey has been on a star making path since signing with Polo G's Capalot records. Last month he was featured on Polo's latest Hall Of Fame album and had a great verse on the track 'Broken Guitars'. He followed that track up with the release of a number of singles. One of those singles was 'Love Letter' released on June 24th. Despite only being out for a few weeks this track has already become one I listen to almost daily. I've been a fan of Scorey's since hearing 'Moods' and this is another standout from him. Scorey seems to be consistently delivering a variety of melodic hits. You can stream 'Love Letter' on all DSPs now.

Number One

Tee Melly - 'Bang'

This track was also released on June 24th and 'Bang' had an immediate impact, it is easily my favorite track for the month of June. Tee Melly has consistently delivered high quality radio ready singles month after month and 'Bang' is no different. While some tracks on this list stood out for their lyrical quality mixed with the flow or production this is more of a traditional radio 'hit' if you will. 'Bang' is a daily spin type of track that has opened me up yo listening to a number of Tee Melly's other releases. This is one you restart when you're picking up the homie cuz its so good you wanna get credit for putting them on. The melodies and the content on this one are not too complex but very enjoyable and make this a standout track for the entire area this month. Go stream 'Bang' available on all DSPs today.

Stay in touch with Upstate Aesthetic for future 'Fave Five' columns, Reviews, News, and more!

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