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'Dwellers Release Their First Track of 2020

The Popular duo of Lil$avyKing & Yellaboi also known as 'Dwellers have been hinting on social media that they had plans to release a track soon. On Wednesday April 1st the duo released their first track of the new year titled "ur day will come". Another catchy melodic track that does a great job showcasing each artists strengths and provides fans of 'Dwellers with a great idea of the direction these two are headed this year. Already one of the more popular acts out of the Upstate area, 'Dwellers look to continue building on that foundation this year. Their ability to mesh so many sounds together in a unique way is once again evident on this track. They continue to produce content that is very much in their own lane sonically but can also easily catch on with the pop mainstream audience. Stream "ur day will come." below and check with Upstate Aesthetic for all 'Dwellers related news in the future!

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