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'Dwellers Release new track "+deep"

On August 13th the rising hip hop duo out of Upstate NY known as ‘Dwellers released their latest track titled “+deep”. “+deep” is just the second track released by ‘Dwellers this year following a busy 2019. Throughout 2020 ‘Dwellers have released a few music videos of tracks from previous projects, while also slowly releasing some new tracks. Both the music videos as well as their latest release "ur day will come." have been well received by fans of the popular duo.

‘Dwellers are composed of Lil$avyKing and Yellaboi both hailing from the 607 these two artists are two of the more popular acts from the area amassing over 22,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone. “+deep” showcases the Lil$avyKing in an element that is familiar to him, a laid back spacey melodic bop that ‘Dwellers fans are sure to enjoy.

While there is no official date for the next 'Dwellers project fans are certainly hoping it comes soon. You can stay up to date with their social media as well as Upstate Aesthetic for updates on any upcoming 'Dwellers releases.

Stream “+deep” below:

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