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Dustin Teases New Track Featuring Anthony Kannon and Alonzo Brunn

Du$tin has been teasing his fans on social media recently hinting towards a new track featuring two heavily praised lyrical talents Anthony Kannon and Alonzo Brunn. While he has not given an official release date Du$tin did post the cover art to social media and indicated the track was coming soon.

Du$tin has been on the radar of Upstate Aesthetic for some time as he continues to improve as an artist and has received praise multiple times on the Upstate Aesthetic hosted podcast “The Cypher”.

The track officially titled “Space Ship” is sure to catch many listeners attention simply off the features but don't count Du$tin out alongside these lyrical Artists. While Du$tin is still rising we wouldn't be surprised to see him shine alongside two very talented peers.

Keep an eye out for an update on the release of Du$tins track “Space Ship” and until then stream Du$tin’s latest release “No Hook Pt. 2“ below.

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