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Drew Reviews new Gscaffa Project 'Disconnection 2'

Updated: May 11, 2019

When listening to a project from a local artist often times it can be hard to connect with the content or the content can be so all over the place that it doesn’t feel like a complete project. With the ‘Disconnection 2’ Gscaffa doesn’t struggle with those issues at all. The follow up to his 2018 project 'Disconnection', Gscaffa carries himself like a professional and shows his growth as an artist on his latest release.

The first song on the project titled ‘Intro (Disconnected)’ is a calculated introduction focusing on his growing disconnection with those around him. You can feel the energy almost immediately and can see that he is setting a tone for the project that the audience can relate to. He closes out the track speaking on a growing disconnection with the fakes around him and his choice to move on from former friendships.

On the second track ‘Dior’ Gscaffa flexes his versatility singing over a slower beat. Showcasing his ability to utilize more of an r&b style to rap and sing about his desires to continue achieving financial success.

With track number three ‘Breaking Down’ Gscaffa continues his r&b style singing to a love interest he is expressing love for, even suggesting the two ‘go half on a baby’. Gscaffa’s ability to sing and use melodies over this beat emphasize his strengths and allow him to express himself in a genuine way. While the repetitive nature of this track does leave a bit to be desired it still stands out as a prime example of Gscaffa's talent not only as a rapper but a singer as well.

‘Expressive Statement pt. 2’ is the fourth track on this project and a follow up track to a single released by Gscaffa in 2017. The original ‘Expressive Statement’ was not a track I was familiar with before checking this album so I went back to the original first and was surprised to hear a much different younger Gscaffa. On this follow up features a more raw sounding Gscaffa than we have heard to this point on the project. Dropping any singing and getting right to the bars. On the original a younger Gscaffa utilizes crutches such as long movie quote intros and talking mid song to fill the full four minute beat. On ‘Expressive Statement 2’ Scaffa shows off his growth rapping over the full four minute track carrying himself lyrically over much improved production.

‘40 Shorty’ features Gscaffa returning to the auto tune rap style he is so comfortable with. Personally I do feel this is one of the weaker tracks on the project. While it is not a bad song it’s place between two really good songs in ‘Expressive Statement 2’ and ‘Feel so Good’ and struggles to compete with the vibe that these two tracks bring to the table.

‘Feel so Good’ is the sixth track on the project and an automatic standout with upbeat production and the only feature on the project. TyBurst and Gscaffa collaborate often so it is no surprise to anyone following either artist that this track shows both artists strengths and is no doubt a fan favorite since the release of this project. Gscaffa and TyBurst flow well together and this song is a non-stop banger and could be a summer hit throughout Upstate NY. Add to your party playlist ASAP!

If ‘Feel so Good’ is the standout upbeat track, then ‘The Kid’ is the raw emotional standout in its own right. Gscaffa’s ability to sing and tell a shine bright through out this track as he tells a story of caring for a child that he would eventually find out isn’t his. Throughout the track he takes the audience on a roller-coaster of emotions initially the happiness of becoming a father and then finding out a difficult secret.

‘All the time we spent and all the things that we done/ girl you looked me in the eyes and said that kid aint my son/’

Scaffa tells a story through music that is impossible to describe through text. This is absolutely a standout track I suggest everyone listen to.

‘Mixed Emotions’ is the eighth track on the project and is another standout piece from this project. Featuring a catchy hook that has managed to stay in my head for the better part of a week this track does a great job at resonating with the audience. His use of the auto tune on the hook and more raw vocals for the verses showcases Gscaffa's ability to utilize his strengths in a variety of ways. Personally this track feels like one of the more complete songs from Gscaffa as an artist he tells a story of his disconnection with himself and his mixed emotions affecting his actions.

‘Come My Way’ is the shortest track on the project at 1:45 and is definitely a short song even by today’s standards when many artists are getting away with doing 2:30 tracks. That said it really isn’t an issue with a dope beat and Gscaffa's ability to carry himself for the full 1:45 it certainly leaves the audience wanting more which is a good problem to have. I would rather the track maybe gotten one more verse in. However in some cases on this project I have felt tracks went a little long and felt repetitive with too many uses of the hook to extend the track so I can’t knock the short track here.

The tenth track on this project is ‘Safe’ another track where the main focus is on Gscaffa focusing on grinding with the people around him and seeing the success together. This is another catchy track and while I generally am against lower level artists using name brand artists as a crutch to proceed in a track, the use of referencing Tay-K and his track The Race sounded good and made sense so it didn’t feel forced like those references tend to do.

The 11th track is the outro track titled ‘Rags to Riches’ and is a closing statement from Gscaffa expressing his grind from the bottom to the top and his desires to go from ‘Rags to Riches’. Gscaffa details his process and his growth over time. He explains he’s used some negative ways to grind and make money but he’s willing to do what’s necessary to achieve his goals and isn’t willing to let anything get in his way. This was a great closing track to a dope project that showed a great amount of growth and limitless potential for Gscaffa.

While that track was titled the outro, there was still a final beat titled 'Limitless' left on the project as a bonus to help showcase a producer that Gscaffa works with and was used as a contest to help promote the project when it was released. Artists were given an opportunity to win money by recording a verse over this beat and sending it in. While I understand the concept behind it, this is a really dope beat and would’ve served a much greater purpose had Gscaffa written to it and closed out his project himself. Instead the listeners final memory of this project is an instrumental and while it’s always great to help support those around you I believe that Gscaffa rapping on this beat would’ve done more for the beat and the project as a whole.

While a couple songs just aren’t for me personally there are a lot more tracks on this project that will find their way on my playlist and into a consistent rotation with the music I listen to. Gscaffa isn’t a boxed in artist in terms of the content he creates and thus is able to create something for everyone which is an excellent quality to have. I believe some tracks could utilize a bit more thought in terms of structure and how many times you want to have a hook repeated, it’s not a bad thing to have in some songs but when it becomes a common theme for multiple songs its easy to feel like things are sounding repetitive. Gscaffa clearly put a lot of effort into this project and I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t already to give it a listen and judge for yourself but for me personally if I had to rate this project out of 5.

I would give it a SOLID 3.5/5!

Not a bad grade at all,and not meant to slight Gscaffa in any way, for me personally a 5/5 is going to be a project that I could see getting legitimate charting and major radio success. Anything over a 3 is going to be a project that I listen to heavy and could see having an impact locally which I could absolutely see from this project, especially if the right marketing tools are put behind it to help get a little more shine on a stellar project from a dope artist! Make sure you stream 'Disconnection 2' Below!

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