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Dee Shaun Busy to kick off 2020 with New Music & Visuals

Dee Shaun was quietly one of the more entertaining artists out of Upstate NY in 2019 consistently providing fans with quality tracks like "Scars" and "Shorty". It looks like he will continue that trend going into the new year but at a much more calculated pace.

Dee Shaun kicked off 2020 with a new music video to his track "Up Top" released at the tail end of 2019. The visuals are another fantastic showcase of local videographer Niko Neferis' talent both behind the camera and with editing. The visuals aren't all that stands out in this one as Dee Shaun continues to show why he is one of the best emcees in upstate providing another solid track. Dee Shaun spits over some great visuals of him writing in a hallway and making his way throughout the city. This track and video have been popular for the artist accumulating over 6,000 streams across multiple platforms. The video closed with a preview to Dee Shaun's forthcoming single "Ball" featuring Baddnews.

This was a brilliant move as Dee Shaun followed it up with the release of "Ball" onto streaming platforms on January 17th 2020. He accompanied that with an immediate video release of the track onto Youtube two days later. Another set of visuals directed by Neferis accompanied by a dope track from Dee Shaun this time being accompanied by another great artist in his own right Baddnews. Dee Shaun and Baddnews provided a track that could easily serve as a lead single for a potential project from Dee Shaun in the future. He hasn't currently announced a project but his consistent calculated method of releasing these tracks hints to the idea a full length could be on the way.

The video for "Ball" has been successful already accumulating 8,000+ views in just a few days its clear that Dee Shaun is on the rise going into 2020. Stream the video for "Ball" ft. Baddnews below and keep an eye out for any upcoming news on Dee Shaun's upcoming releases at

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