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Dae Birkin Partners with Isaiah Osby for collaborative EP “Blasphemy”

Dae Birkin has been on a great run throughout 2020 dropping his “Off-White” EP early in the year providing fans with one of his most professional sounding projects to date. Dae didn’t take much time off following the release of “Off-White” as he quickly followed up with a few singles before dropping his latest release “Blasphemy”. In wake of the recent civil rights movements across the country Dae Birkin partnered with close friend Isaiah Osby for a collaborative EP. “Blasphemy” would serve as the first official release for Isaiah Osby and partnering with a well known entertaining artist like Dae has it’s upside but brings along it’s own source of pressure. We have seen many instances where an artist has put his friend on a track or a project and it’s completely thrown off the vibe of whats going on. “Blasphemy” is not this typical case, rather Osby absolutely shined in his debut and showed quickly he can hang with the upper echelon of local hip hop acts. While "Blasphemy" is short coming in at just under ten minutes the three track EP absolutely shows the potential for both artists as a duo. The short nature of the project leaves fans wanting more, and the minor issues the project does face (some production issues mainly) leaves room for improvement. Neither artist takes the shine from the other and both actually compliment each other really well. While we have seen Dae primarily as a solo act, a working partnership similar to what GScaffa & TyBurst do would serve Dae Birkin and Isaiah Osby really well.

You can stream Blasphemy on all streaming services today and make sure to stay up to date with Upstate Aesthetic for all the latest on any upcoming releases from Isaiah Osby or Dae Birkin.

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