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Corey Loveless Drops New Video "Bright"

On Monday May 27th, 2019 Corey Loveless delivered "Bright". The video and title track to his upcoming album set to release on June 14th to fans on social media.

The video features Loveless alongside two friends traveling as he lets the listener in on the trials and tribulations of his life. As Loveless continues on this personal and private journey he notes that he needs to focus on the Bright side. Something that will prove to be a common theme throughout his upcoming project.

While Loveless generally puts out music that fans view as emotional or personal, this as Loveless himself noted is his most personal track to date. With his lyrics and a simple yet strong video Loveless delivers a great performance for fans ahead of his debut album set to release in just a few weeks.

Memorable Lyrics:

Bankin on negatives makes it hard to be postitive Learn painful sentences hurt worse when you swallow it.

Watch the video for "Bright" below and keep an eye out for Corey Loveless debut album of the same name set to release on June 14th!

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