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C-Live Drops a Diss Track Aimed at Binghamton Artist Dommy La Fleur

Following the release of his latest project "Take Me Serious" many may have expected C-Live to sit back and enjoy the moment. However after catching word that fellow Binghamton artist Dommy La Fleur had some harsh things to say about his project C-Live quickly responded in the only way he knows how. With an absolutely disrespectful diss track aimed directly at Dommy's head. The cover art to the project literally features C-Live ready to feast on the decapitated head of Dommy La Fleur.

The track is titled "Bitched Up On Me", a play on one of Dommy's more popular tracks "Switched Up On Me". It was uploaded to Soundcloud early Friday morning Jan. 10th 2020. The track was accompanied with this short but straight to the point comment from C-Live:

"Bugged on his dumb ass tell em next time shut the fuck up stop hating and get off my dick".

The track quickly picked up steam in the area amassing over 700 streams in the first day. Becoming something of a local trend with many discussing this track a number of people close to Dommy have reported that the artist is planning to respond in short order. Dommy will have to come with some disrespectful fire in the same vein that C-Live did if he plans on phasing the artist in anyway. If nothing else C-Live has proven to those paying attention it's time to take him serious.

Stream "Bitched Up On Me" below and listen to C-Live's latest project "Take Me Serious" today available on all streaming services!

Notable Lyrics:

"Honestly I aint tryna be rude Seen that nigga older sister Thought that bitch was a dude Seen what he said about the tape And no I wasn't ammused"

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