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Blicka Don continues spectacular 2021 with new visuals to 'Killem All'

Blicka Don has been on a roll throughout 2020 releasing his latest project 'Bar Study' at the top of the year and not letting up since. Blicka showed there's still an avenue for independent artists to support themselves via merchandise with the physical release of his project 'Bar Study'.

When Blicka sold physical copies of the project they sold out almost immediately upon release. He also showcased what can be done when you develop a following as a number of listeners were eager to support for digital downloads ahead of the projects release as well.

Blicka has followed up this success with brand new visuals courtesy of Max Comfort. Comfort who is well known for his video work with New York's Dave East handled the shooting and editing of Blicka's 'Killem All' music video. The video is simple yet effective which is a formula we have seen consistently with local videos this year as 'group' videos are no longer the norm thanks to social distancing.

Despite the 'simple' nature of the video there are elements that still very much feel like a gritty New York style video that is very much appealing. From the fish eye shots to the interesting effects this video is everything you would expect from two highly regarded artists from the area.

Blicka has teased that there could be a follow up to 'Bar Study' in the future but it's exciting to see these visuals to a track that many considered a stand out from this project. You can stream the video for 'Killem All' on the Max Comfort facebook page and the audio below.

You know how they say, it's either sports or sell drugs? Well around this way it's like a sport to sell drugs

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