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Blicka Don and 7xvethegenius Featured on The Joe Budden Podcast

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

There was a lot of love shown for the upstate music scene on this weeks episode of the Joe Budden Podcast. The podcast hosted by Joe Budden and his three friends/co-hosts consistently seems to be one of the biggest platforms in the digital hip-hop era. Being a source for news and speculation from people who have a feel for the things occurring within the music culture. The show typically ends with each of the hosts playing a 'sleeper' track promoting an artist or song that they fuck with and feel deserves more attention.

On this weeks episode of the show Mal a co-host on the show played the latest 7xvethegenius track as his sleeper for the week. 7xvethegenius has been on an impressive run releasing her project 'Self 7xve' last year and being signed by Conway the Machine's new label Drumwork Music Group. It appears the 7xvethegenius may be the next big female rap artist.

Mal played 7xvethegenius's latest track 'Break Soul' as his sleeper and the raw lyrical ability on this track shows why it was selected to be played as a sleeper. The track is incredibly good and shouldn't be overlooked. 7xvethegenius still has a modest following but it looks like 2021 will be the year people start taking notice.

This wasn't the only Upstate NY track featured on the podcast this week as Elmira native Blicka Don had his track 'Ramsey's Place' played on this weeks episode. Blicka has been on an inspiring run to kick off the new year, first releasing his project 'Bar Study' for pre-release purchase via cashapp, sending supporters a digital copy ahead of DSP release. Then following that with a physical release a few weeks later that sold out in hours. Blicka has shown what can be done if an artist continues working and putting in the effort. Parks Valley is a JBP co-host as well as a producer out of upstate New York. Parks played Blicka's track as his sleeper on this weeks episode showing love to Blicka and showcasing his track on a great platform. Parks consistently represents for the upstate music scene on the podcast and has worked with some notable talented artists from the upstate area. This was very exciting to see as Blicka deserves all the praise he has gotten since his latest release.

The Joe Budden podcast continues to be a great place to hear some interesting perspective on the music business and also learn about some new artists you may be unfamiliar with. Stream the latest episode of the Joe Budden podcast below and catch Park's playing 'Ramsey's Place' at the 2 hour 53 minute mark.

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