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Baghead Spring/Summer Design Now Available!

On Thursday April 11th Aj Freeman released the first design of his Spring/Summer Baghead clothing collection. This design was announced via the official Baghead instagram page on April 5th 2019 with a post stating. “Evolution is significant. 🦋👤

Believing that something small can grow and become something outstandingly beautiful should be the motive . The Butterfly stands for just that . -curator SS-” This post also announced that a small number of pre-orders would be available before the official release in the coming weeks. Now the preorder process has officially ended and the new design is available for purchase via the Baghead instagram page linked below and always advertised on the Upstate Aesthetic website. This design features the official ‘Baghead’ logo with slogan ‘If you are who you say you are, why does it matter’ inscribed underneath. The major eye catching part of this piece showcases the official Baghead logo on the back with a red and blue butterfly underneath it symbolizing the evolution of the brand. This design is sure to sell quick so be sure to head over to the official Baghead instagram page and cop yours today!

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