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Baghead Launches Official Website

If you're in touch with the local fashion scene you've without a doubt heard of the Binghamton based clothing brand Baghead. Baghead is a clothing brand created by local designer A.J. Freeman and continues to grow in popularity both locally and within the fashion community. For many years fans of the brand have hoped for an outlet to officially purchase Baghead clothing, and on May 10th that desire was fulfilled. Baghead launched it's official website including the ability to purchase a number of unique T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jeans and Sweatpants. Featuring popular pieces from the "Cherub" "Digital Dimension" and "Holographic" collections Baghead has recently promoted on their social media the offering provides a unique set of options for consumers.

Pricing varies from $25 for a default Baghead Logo t-shirt up to $150 for custom Baghead jeans. The selection is unique and just the beginning for a local brand that is sure to get bigger over time so the prices are actually very fair for the quality of product you're receiving. Check the Baghead Website to find an artistic piece of merchandise that catches your eye and be sure to pick one up before they're all sold out! Stay updated with Upstate Aesthetic for any information on upcoming Baghead releases!

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