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Artist Focus: Interview with Corey Loveless

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Corey Loveless is a young talented artist out of Ithaca New York who has continued to grow both as an artist and as a person over the last few years. If you’ve been following his rise with us you have certainly watched Corey begin to find new ways to showcase his versatility. In 2019 Corey was releasing music at a quick pace dropping a new project every quarter of the year. These projects not only brought Corey new fans but gave him a ton of reps as an artist to really perfect his craft. After a busy 2019 Corey took to the new year with a new approach, releasing a new track almost monthly with visuals following a few weeks later. This slower approach has given Corey an opportunity to be more selective with what he releases and to focus in on crafting even better music than before. Following Corey’s latest release “All For You” on streaming services we caught up with the talented artist to talk about his recent releases, his work with Dim-136 and his plans for the future. In the past you have made it a point to release a new project every quarter of the year, this year you have slowed your release schedule and taken to releasing a new single what inspired you to change your release strategy?

The release schedule i had last year was extremely stressful. I was working on two sometimes three projects at a time which allowed me to release rapidly but i felt some of the ideas i had in songs couldve been better if i took more time. I wanted to find a way to release music somewhat consistently but also have time to really work on a sound. I had alot of extra music i was experimenting with shortly after sunsets. I decided i would release some of it slowly to allow me to take my time on something new.

Do you prefer to take your time to release and promote each track individually or do you think you'll get back into a full length mode soon?

On a marketing stand point I have started seeing the benefits of releasing one song at a time for sure. It allows space for people to focus on one idea at a time. But as an artist and storyteller I really enjoy conveying ideas through a full length project. But as far as when i get back to that... thats top secret.

Have you seen a better response to the individual tracks than the method of releasing a project every quarter?

To an extent, count on me didnt really do that well but asterisk became my most streamed song on all platforms except my youtube page. So yeah I for sure could see me doing stuff like this more frequent.

Do you have any collaborative tracks lined up for this series any notable local artists? Any tracks lined up with dim 136?

My next track coming up is one kyng and I did together a while back but as far as 136 songs were stashing all of those for the project.

Speaking of Dim136 for the Live from Yo Timeline event we saw the group perform multiple tracks off the upcoming Dim136 project what can fans from this project? Will it see any solo tracks or will they all be collaborative efforts?

As far as solo tracks on there that's something we're still debating on... but you can expect mostly collaborative high energy songs from this 136 project with some quality lyricism.

Has the entire project been produced by Process? Has anyone else in the group taken a shot at the production side of things?

process did produce the entire project i know J.J. produces as well but we haven't gotten the chance to work with J.J. as a producer quite yet id love to do it though.

Every artist in Dim136 has taken a calculated approach to the year releasing at a less of a 'consistent' rate but always dropping quality tracks, will we see full length projects to go with this group project?

I think everyone has slowed down because we're all working hard behind the scenes. I don't think there's a single artist in 136 not working on a project of some sort right now. So for sure expect new music from everyone very soon.

With all the work Dim136 has done over the last year do any of the artists stand out, or their specific growth you'd like to highlight?

Kyng and Process have grown insane amounts in the past couple months. I dont wanna give to much info about what they're working on. But just know when they drop its gonna be heat.

Dim has the special ability in being a group where no artist seems to try and steal the shine and rather they all shine together has this ever been a difficult process with so many outspoken creative minds involved?

I mean we where all kinda friends who so happened to rap. So when the group shit happened we all kinda just treated sessions like a bunch of friends hanging out. I mean its rap so there's a little competition. But its mostly just a very relaxed vibe and we calmly talk and collaberate... i think we all just want to make a good song instead of outshine one another.

What can fans expect going forward, you're dropping a new track this week will you follow it up with new visuals or a new project in the future?

I may drop visuals for all for you but its difficult right now with Covid i want to but let's say maybe on that one. None of these tracks im dropping right now will be on a project. But as far as a new project all I can say is im taking it back.

You all can find Corey on all Social Medias @thatlovelesskid, make sure to stream “All For You” ft. Process below and keep posted with Upstate Aesthetic for upcoming interviews and news!

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