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Anthony Kannon turns everything to gold with latest single "Midas Touch"

Anthony Kannon has been hard at work for some time now and the work is starting to show. Last year despite the pandemic Kannon still maintained a relatively consistent schedule of releases dropping twelve tracks total in 2020. He has followed that up in 2021 with 8 releases already and 7 coming by way of his latest EP 'Saint Kannon' a project produced by local artist Saint Kid. His most recent single 'Midas Touch' was released on Bandcamp on March 8th and is available for purchase now. Kannon has been a great example for other local artists in the area showing how useful a platform like Bandcamp can be alongside general releases across all DSP's as well. This allows listeners an opportunity to support Kannon by purchasing his most recent release before it is released on streaming services.

This process worked well for Kannon's 'Saint Kannon' EP and seems to be a good strategy for local artists with a following to give that following an opportunity to support. 'Midas Touch' features California based artist G Seppe and is a dope look at Kannon once again tackling a new sound.

You can purchase 'Midas Touch' on Bandcamp today and stream Kannon's latest EP 'Saint Kannon' on all DSPs.

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