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Anthony Kannon to Continue His Spring Cleaning Series With "Goof Troop"

In late April, Ithaca artist Anthony Kannon was featured on three separate tracks from notable upstate artists, MBK Richy, J Pari and Tee Melly. These three features served as the latest releases from Kannon in some time due to Covid-19. As the Covid-19 pandemic shook up many people's lives Kannon also suffered many crucial setbacks due to the virus. Being forced to postpone his first multi-state tour, Kannon also decided to shelve any immediate plans he had for releasing music. While Kannon wanted to wait for the perfect time to release content, if you're a fan of the blossoming artist you know Kannon's got a fair share of music ready to drop at any given moment. With this fact laying heavy on Kannon's mind he decided it was time to start unloading some of his tracks that might not have official placement on an upcoming project but are still high quality tracks. This idea sparked the creation of Kannon's Spring Cleaning series.

A bi-weekly series that will give fans of Anthony Kannon's music an opportunity to hear from the artist more often during a time of nationwide uncertainty. It also gives Kannon a chance to test the waters a little bit and maybe present some different sounds from the artist than we are generally used to. Kannon has used this down time and his cancelled tour as an opportunity to connect with his fans as much as possible. Previewing content on Instagram and Facebook live, performing in a virtual concert for Upstate Aesthetic and participating in a weekly podcast titled "The Cypher" that's dedicated to discussing Upstate music and artists. Kannon capped this new interactive experience with the roll out of the Spring Cleaning series. starting with the release of his latest track "Simple & Plain" an international collaboration with a Russian producer responsible for the unique beat. Kannon's "Simple & Plain" track was a solid start to what looks to become a very promising series for the upcoming artist.

Kannon will follow up "Simple & Plain" on Friday May 15th, with the release of the second track for the Spring Cleaning series "Goof Troop" a track that might have a non serious connotation in the name, Kannon promises that is not the case. Kannon has teased the track on social media a few times promising it will have a "real ass, grimy" New York feel to it. Featuring production on the track by local rising artist/producer SAINT KID, Kannon promises to release a nasty track for the second installment of the Spring Cleaning series. The track has been previewed on social media a few times leading up to the release with consistent positive praise for the track. The track will release officially on Friday May 15th on all streaming platforms. Stream "Simple & Plain" below while you await the official release of this upcoming project.

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