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Anthony Kannon flexes lyrical ability on latest single 'Loose Kannon' - Review

Anthony Kannon has had an active year already releasing one project and a number of singles in 2021. The incredibly talented lyrical artist doesn't seem to be slowing the pace anytime soon. Kannon kicked off the year with his latest project 'Saint Kannon' finally being released onto streaming services after teasing it for sometime during 2020. Since then he hasn't slowed up releasing three singles, a music video as well as a merchandise bundle that sold out before officially being listed for sale.

Now Kannon is back to releasing music recently releasing a collaborative effort titled 'BOW!' featuring local independent lyrical heavyweight AOHB, an artist quickly on the rise in the area. He has followed up the release of 'BOW!' with a solo release titled 'Loose Kannon'.

The two minute forty second track is a return to a vibe where Kannon is most comfortable, rapping over grimy NY style beats. 'Loose Kannon' has a much slower calculated vibe than that of 'BOW!' and both deliver in their own ways. Lyrically Kannon carries himself with ease on this track delivering for the entire two minute's and forty seconds. You really can't question the lyrical ability, flow or production on this one.

'Loose Kannon' is exactly what Kannon excels at, the sound that is currently dominating the Upstate NY music scene with the rise of artists like Griselda and Stove God Cooks. You can hear the inspiration from these artists in Kannon's music but it's not a straight copy instead he's incorporating things that work and making them his own. The production on the beat was handled by ShockOne who did a fantastic job recreating that NY style.

Typically the grimy lyrically based style that comes out of Upstate NY is hit or miss for me personally with there being times where tracks like this take some time to hit. On first listen this was not my 'favorite' Anthony Kannon track, however the presence in a shift in his tone as well as other elements of this track were very intriguing to me. On multiple listens the track does stick with me and the more I listen the more I catch subtle things I may have overlooked earlier on that give me more appreciation for the track. So based on that and the lyrical ability alone this track is fire and should be checked out by everyone.

Kannon is on a run right now that's going to be difficult to slow down, the music was already great but it continues to get better in every facet and really leaves fans of his excited for what the future holds. Having already released one project, a number of singles and some dope merchandise this year it looks like Kannon plans to ramp up on things even more going into the second half of 2021. You can stream 'Loose Kannon' below and decide for yourself what you think of Anthony Kannon's latest single.

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