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Anthony Kannon Drops New Track "Big Bang"

On Tuesday June 18th 2019, Ithaca artist Anthony Kannon dropped his latest track "Big Bang". The track features Kannon on the mic and production done by Owen HB.

While Owen HB is little known in the area, the fantastic production on this track could certainly change that. Kannon gave Owen tons of credit social media when he released "Big Bang" leaving many to believe that this talented Producer/Artist combination may not be a one off scenario.

Kannon is slated to drop a project with fellow Ithaca artist Meech Booker sometime this summer. It is currently unknown if "Big Bang" will be featured on that project. With Kannon and Booker both dropping tracks this week it's clear the talented duo is looking to continue building hype as they gear up to release their project in the near future. Stream "Big Bang" below:

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