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Anthony Kannon, Cherp, PSaint, Sheridan, & more deliver on a busy weekend for Upstate Music

Not every weekend is as jam packed and exciting as this one but this week we had a number of new releases from some very talented artists in the area. With five different projects and a number of other singles there is plenty to choose from this weekend from Upstate Artists.

Sheridan released his heavily anticipated "On Myself" an eight track project from the highly talented and versatile artist showcasing his ability as a singer as well as an rapper. This is Sheridan's second official release after dropping the self titled "Sheridan Carter Crane" in the second half of 2019. The project features a few guest appearances from some Upstate artists including Drae V and Don Pablo on the second track of the project titled "The Don". Anthony Kannon is also featured on the second to last track titled "Walk Away". Sheridan is super versatile and shows that throughout this project and thus it's one everyone should check out.

Cherp released his latest project "Up Now" a 12 track album full of some dope lyricism and quality production as well as some dope features. The project opens with a feature from A'Don who absolutely delivers a stellar performance alongside a verse from Cherp. Cherp has a number of features on this project but the most notable is on the third track with the highly popular and notable Jim Jones making an appearance on Cherp's track titled "Hustla". Another popular feature on this project comes from 03 Kosta featured on "New Money" a track that served as the lead single to the project already accumulating over 80,000 streams on Spotify.

Therealjon released his latest EP titled "Its All In Your Head" a easy to consume four track pop centric project that really does a good job at showcasing what he is good at. The project is generally more pop heavy with some apparent hip-hop influences throughout and while it is more for a pop audience the project does seem to have something for all listeners and immediately kicks off with a chill vibe that sets the tone for the entire project. You can read more about the project and get our official review, here.

C-Live plans to release his latest project "6 in the 6" on Saturday June 19th, but ahead of that release he dropped the bonus track "Outside" onto Soundcloud. C-Live is another very talented artist and producer hybrid from Upstate that consistently delivers and shows numerous signs of growth in his music. Following his previous release "Take Me Serious" released last year, C-Live looks to show his listeners how far he has come with a dope six track project. With only one feature on the project from Kobewtf its apparent that C-Live is planning on showing his fans what he is capable of.

Parker Mitchell and Isaac Malone released their collaborative project "Sunnyside" onto streaming services this Friday. The 10 song project features a number of Upstate artists including JWood on the intro and J.J. Wolfe appearing on "Talk to Me Nice".


Anthony Kannon lead the way for Single releases this week with his latest release "Kings Ransom". The two and a half minute song produce by L2 is an incredible track full of quality lyricism and a ridiculously good beat that features some classical elements to it. This is Kannon's second release in the last two weeks and it looks the young artist has enough content in the cut to continue feeding his fanbase for sometime to come. This is absolutely one to check out as Kannon continues to deliver with every release.

Saint Kid released his latest track on Friday releasing "Expensive Decisions" onto all streaming services. The two and a half minute track is reminiscent of music we have heard from Saint Kid before with some signs of growth lyrically. Saint continues to work on perfecting his music and the process leads to really great music like "Expensive Decisions".

P Saint has been relatively quiet this year but he has returned with his second official single of the year with his latest track "Link Up". The track is similar to the sounds you might typically hear on a P Saint track with the dance hall style and melodies he continues to shine in this element as he can seemingly deliver hits in this genre on command. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a full length roll out from P Saint.

Spazi released his latest track "Jordan" onto Soundcloud this evening as he looks to continue growing as a young artist breaking into the scene. The young artist seems to have some crazy work ethic already releasing over 20 songs this year with the release of his project "Broken" released just a few months ago. Spazi's latest track is just a solo loose release that you can find on Soundcloud.

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