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Anthony Kannon Back with New Album "Art is Perception"

Anthony Kannon put everyone on notice throughout 2021 letting them know he was loading up the vault. This year he's unleashed the vault on everyone showing them that he wasn't lying one bit. "Art is Perception" is Kannon's fifth release of 2022 and yet another example of growth and undeniable talent from the growing artist.

The nine track album was produced entirely by Ithaca producer Andrew Araneo. He was tasked with creating beats to match Kannon's impeccable boom bap style and he knocked it out of the park. From start to finish it has the grimy boom bap New York appeal that Kannon really thrives in, a testament to both the artist and producer to collaborate so effectively.

As has been the case with Kannon's recent releases there isn't much in the way of features on "Art is Perception". The lone feature comes from Trae Yates an artist Kannon has spoken highly of in the past but their released collaborations are limited. Not due to lack of chemistry as both delivered a fantastic track together in "Rick Fox".

Outside of that Kannon handles the entirety of the project and shines throughout. It was recorded by David Brown of DBrown Studios and mixed by Pierce Dyrlie. From top to bottom everyone involved delivered a fantastic project.

You can stream "Art is Perception" on all dsps now!

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