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Anthony Kannon and Meech Booker release the visuals to "Tired"

Anthony Kannon and Meech Booker have been teasing fans all summer about a collaborative project from the two Ithaca natives. On Friday August 10th the two began to roll out their project with the release of the visuals to their intro track titled "Tired".

The video was shot and edited by Upstates own Niko Neferis who continues to be one of Upstates best and most sought after videographers. The trio of Neferis, Kannon and Booker did not disappoint with this effort.

The video features Meech and Kannon going through a variety of real life situations. From Meech being robbed at gunpoint while sitting outside on a basketball court, to him later turning the gun on an unsuspecting victim. The imagery is evident. As Meech goes to plant the gun on his victim they swap between shots of the victim and a single rose laying in his place. Meech eventually sets both the gun and the rose on his victim before proceeding forward with Kannon. After shooting dice with the victim laying in the background Meech and Kannon are picked up by a car pulling up shortly after.

The combination of Neferis' exceptional camera work and editing. As well as the creativity and solid track from Kannon and Booker make this an exceptional introduction to "Blur" the duos upcoming collaborative effort set to drop August 31st.

Watch the video to "Tired" below and stream "Blur" when it's released August 31st.

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