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Air Jordan 12 "Black & Gold": Photos

With the year coming to a close, it has become abundantly clear that Jordan Brand still has a lot to offer all of its fans. This year, the brand has released some incredible sneakers, and more are rumored to be on the way. One of those shoes is the Air Jordan 12 "Black & Gold," which has recently received official images from Nike.

This is a very basic colorway, as you can see below, but it has two colors that blend perfectly together. We are met with solid black for the vast majority of the shoe. From there, gold highlights wrap around the shoe, creating a striking contrast. This results in a luxurious setting. This results in a luxurious new colorway that will satisfy all of you black and gold fans out there.

This brand-new Air Jordan 12 model will be available for $200 USD on December 3rd. Let us know what you think of the sneaker in the comments section down below, and as always, stay tuned to Upstate Aesthetic for all of the latest sneaker news and updates.

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