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03 Kosta Releases New Project "Sammy Kosta"

Elmira artist 03 Kosta recently released his debut project "Sammy Kosta" to streaming services on April 6th. The seven track project marks Kosta's first official project release. While it's his first official project 03 Kosta has been hard at work since the top of the year dropping two tracks "Didn't Know" and "#1 Fan" before releasing "Sammy Kosta" this month. The project sees features from fellow local artists Yae Xantana, Yatti Montana and Rick Rude. Yae Xantana appears on the track "Dirty 30" while Yatti Montana and Rick Rude accompany 03 Kosta on the track "Red Skies". The features showcase a movement throughout all of Upstate NY but specifically the Elmira area coming together and working on music collectively. This group effort to work together rather than focus on a singular mentality has helped with the release of a lot of quality music from Elmira lately. While the project is a good introduction for 03 Kosta to new listeners it also leaves room for growth going forward. The talent is clearly there and this project is a solid representation of 03 Kosta's ability as an artist. Stream 03 Kosta's new project "Sammy Kosta" below.

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