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Official Fan Vote

  • The Fan Vote for Upstate Aesthetic's Album of the year was determined by the number of times a project was nominated on social media for this contest.

  • If your project was not included in this poll but was still nominated then it is still eligible to win the editors choice for Album of the Year so continue to follow the website as you still have an opportunity to win a cash prize for Album of the Year. 

  • Thank you for your participation, the poll for the fan vote ends on Friday January 22nd @ 11:59 PM EST.

Unfortunately it appears someone is manipulating the vote by voting multiple times. The poll was supposed to have a function that prevented this but unfortunately that function is glitching so we will be using a google form for voting going forward. Apologies to the artists but this is the only way to get an accurate vote. Because there is no way to know who is doing this (fans or artists) we will not be calling anyone specific out or accusing anyone of foul play, but hopefully we can close this out without anymore games. 

Click the above button to be taken to the google form to vote. One vote per person multiple votes will be deleted. 

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