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Upstate Aesthetic has a mission to assist creatives of all mediums in promoting and presenting their work. For that reason our podcast's page will  continue to grow over time as we connect with more creators. If you are interested in joining the Upstate Aesthetic Podcast page feel free to utilize our 


Who Is Rocky?

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My name is Rahkiya Brown but you all can call me Rocky! I was born & raised in Binghamton New York and graduated from Binghamton High School in 2013 with the title of “most Talkative” in the class notables. I decided to channel that energy into chasing a dream in journalism where my voice can be heard (since I talk so much! Lol). I spent the next 5-6 years in college studying the art of broadcast journalism. With a bachelors degree from SUNY Oswego, I returned to Binghamton in 2018 with my very own radio show at WJOB. As the station did allow me to make dope connections in my area, it wasn’t exactly the platform I was looking for. So, I took my knowledge I learned both at school and at the station, I took my connections I was able to make and ran off to start my very own podcast! I have built this platform all on my own with the help of a local music studio 81 North! My podcast will shed light on all sorts of young dream chasers like myself. We will talk, hip hop, sports, celebrity news and gossip, along with other current events! However, the base of my show will be the people! So interviews will be the heart of Plugged In! Plugged In is more than the name of the Podcast. Plugged in is me, my passion, and my vision! It is intended to eventually become a whole brand. So buckle up and get ready for this journey with me! Stay tuned this spring for the official podcast, but for now follow @pluggedinpodcast on Instagram to get PLUGGED IN! I look forward to what’s to come!

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