What is Controlled Leaks?

Controlled leaks is a new radio show/podcast brought to you by Upstate Aesthetic that will feature an exclusive first look at brand new tracks coming from local Upstate artists. This partnership with local artists will provide Upstate Aesthetic an exclusive opportunity to debut and preview 'leaked' tracks off of upcoming projects or from an artists vault and give the fans a chance to listen to that content early. 

Controlled Leak #1"RedRum"

Following a productive 2019, Anthony Kannon is currently on the road for his first east coast tour. The success and upward trajectory for Kannon has not hindered his work ethic in any way. Kannon is an artist known for his lyrical ability and non-stop devotion to the music grind. Kannon's talent as well as his notoriety locally made him a no brainer to include as the introductory artist for Upstate Aesthetic's Controlled Leaks. After a few conversations we have officially secured the exclusive preview of Anthony Kannon's first single of 2020, "RedRum" a great bar heavy track that showcases Kannon's growth as an MC and is the second official track Kannon has put out alongside Ithaca producer Pierce Dyrlie. Kannon and Dyrlie's chemistry is unquestioned and this looks to be another standout track for Kannon who looks to have an even better year this year. You can hear "RedRum" as part of the Controlled Leaks Radio Show/Podcast or you can also stream the track below!

Keep an eye out for the tracks official release on DSP's set to drop March 27th 2020!